M&M’s Introduces New Character: Chief Chocolate Officer, Ms. Brown

Last seen promoting the Mars Chocolate Relief Act, funny man Neil Patrick Harris was asked to help unveil the newest chocolate character for confectionary company M&M’s. The newest addition to the gang is actually the M&M that has been around the longest, but hasn’t received the character recognition like Red & Yellow have.

As seen above, the new character is Ms. Brown and according to her business card on M&M’s official Facebook page, her title role is Chief Chocolate Office. Makes sense considering she represents the color of the delicious chocolate inside. Sporing white heels, gloves and some pretty nifty frames, it looks like Ms. Brown will be the Queen M. I wonder how Ms. Green feels about this.

While other companies and brands are starting to pimp out their Super Bowl ads early to gain some buzz on YouTube and the like, M&M’s has decided to only reveal the new character but keep her 30-second spot under wraps until Sunday. However, I do have some video footage from the live reveal at The Grove from yesterday afternoon. Check it out below.

M&M’s Ms. Brown Revealed At The Grove in L.A.