MISTER Gay Dating App Introduces Smart Bear In “Bear Talk” Video

The gay dating app, MISTER has just introduced Smart Bear, a cuddly gay bear cub, in a cute and sexy video titled “Bear Talk”. MISTER is targeted towards men who are 30+ that “value strength, integrity and masculinity”.

In the following video, Smart Bear has his first encounter with MISTER (played by Doug Repetti). Bearomance ensues. Woof indeed. The style of the video is sort of like an Apple commercial if Apple was trying to target gay bears. I love it.

To give you a bit more background on the app, their press release explains that “contrary to popular belief, men in their 30s don’t want to be 20 again. Men 30+ are confident, grounded and tired of dating apps dominated by the young – and horny. They need an app that’s as direct, manly and versatile as they are – without games, name calling and gay drama.” There are so many dating apps these days so there’s something for everyone! Enjoy the videos below!

Bear Talk

MISTER App: The Story Begins (NSFW)

For more information on MISTER, visit their site here: http://www.misterapp.com/