Something Is Shifting In ‘Mississippi I Am’ Documentary Trailer

Back in 2006, ‘NSync’s Lance Bass came out publicly as gay. He was once the “most beloved son” of his home state of Mississippi, but when he came out he was instantly rejected and his hopes that Mississippi could ever embrace change were sadly unrealized. Four years later, the story of a Mississippi youth made national headlines. Constance McMillen was suing her school for denying her the right to go to prom with her girlfriend.

This documentary documents how something has been shifting in one of the most socially conservative places in America. With Constance’s story, it gave Lance and many others, a glimmer of hope for change in the state they call home.

Watch the trailer for the award-winning documentary below.

  • Heath

    A movie that predates this one is Mississippi Queen. It follows a lesbian (coincidentally who went to the same high school as Lance Bass) around Mississippi as she talks to people about their faith and about their views on homosexuality, including her parents who run an exgay ministry! It is an amazing movie!!!