Normally, a 6’1″ statuesque blond making the finals for a beauty contest isn’t exactly newsworthy material. Difference here is that Jenna Talackova was born a male. Now a woman, Jenna is hoping to make a big splash on the institution of traditional beauty pageants. The 23-year-old Talackova is hoping to beat the competition and represent Canada at the upcoming 2012 Miss Universe competition. She began taking hormone therapy at age 14 and underwent sexual reassignment surgery in 2010.

As you would expect, beauty pageant purists are not happy with this. Some have argued that her acceptance by Miss Universe Canada raises ethical and moral issues. They feel that the Big 4 beauty competitions (Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth) were meant for naturally born women. Good thing for Jenna that she’s Canadian. Under the Equality Law in Canada’s 1982 constitution, her application cannot be denied since she’s legally a woman.

She definitely fills out a bikini, doesn’t she? Back in 2010, Jenna was a Top 10 finalist at the transgender Miss International Queen pageant held in Thailand. If she wins Miss Universe Canada, she might pop up on a future season of “Celebrity Apprentice” since Donald Trump loves to put his former pageant winners on the show. He does own the competition after all. Canada has only won Miss Universe twice before with Natalie Glebova the most recent winner, taking the crown in 2005.

What do you think of Jenna’s inclusion in the Miss Universe Canada competition? A step forward for LGBTQ rights, or a disregard for the sanctity of beauty pageants? Or is it simply a publicity stunt? Sound off below.