Miss Universe 2012: Did Your Favorite Win?

I don’t know what the world Donald Trump was thinking when he decided to hold the Miss Universe pageant one week before Christmas. The whole holiday theme and set just felt a bit odd. For me, the pageant belongs in the spring or summer. Trump’s people seriously need to knock some sense into him. I swear he’s getting a bit more senile in his old age. In his defense, he probably thought airing it at this time might benefit the show’s ratings. Last year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show scored boffo ratings. They’re practically the same show but with more clothing 😉

The Christmas trees and snowflakes were the least of his worries, the beauty pageant was probably the worst produced Miss Universe I can recall. From the audio glitches in the beginning and the awful pre-recorded segments, it was one big snooze fest. Thankfully, I taped it and watched the entire 2 hour pageant in just 30 minutes.

Once again Andy Cohen (my silver fox crush) and Giuliana Rancic hosted the event, with Jeannie Mai serving as fashion correspondent. A few of the notable celebrity judges included Nigel Barker (glad to see he’s been busy since ANTM), Lisa Vanderpump (my fave RHOBH), Scott Disick, Brad Goreski, Diego Boneta and Kerri Walsh Jennings to name a few. On deck to perform were Train and Nigerian-born Aussie singer Timomatic.

Overall, this year’s Top 5 were a decent bunch. That said, I was a little bummed, my early favorite, Miss South Africa, only made the Top 10. Speaking of Africa, this was the first time since 2002 that no black candidates made the semifinals. They didn’t even win one of the special awards. Best National Costume went to Miss China and Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic went to Miss Guatemala and Miss Kosovo respectively. Check out this year’s Top 5 below.

Miss Universe 2012 Top 5

4th Runner-Up (Brazil – Gabriela Markus)

This photo doesn’t do her dress justice. This was gorgeous and really flattered her. The detailing gave the illusion of a really small waist. Her answer to the final question kinda blew, so her placing is well-deserved.

3rd Runner-Up (Australia – Renae Ayris)

If I could’ve swapped Miss Australia for another blond, I would’ve placed Miss South Africa in her place. Not to be picky, but I didn’t think she was all that pretty. Pretty slamming body though, which is why she probably kept advancing, especially after the swimsuit round.

2nd Runner-Up (Venezuela – Irene Esser)

If you ever want to enter a Miss Universe pool, always bet on Miss Venezuela to make the Top 10 if not higher. They really take their pageants seriously down there. Personally, I thought this dress was heinous. Her black number during the preliminaries was far more gorgeous.

Runner-Up (Philippines – Janine Tugonon)

For the third consecutive year, the Miss Philippines rep made the Top 5. Sadly, once again my homeland failed to snatch the crown. I thought this year might be it when Janine answered her question eloquently and brilliantly, especially since it was a difficult question. It had something to do with if Miss Universe should know how to speak English. She handled it perfectly. Plus, I love the whole arm limp thing she kept doing.

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo

Her Miss USA win was marred with a bit controversy due to some those in the organization saying it was fixed. I wonder if the same will follow her win here. At 5’5″ Culpo is one of the shortest Miss Universes in the history of the pageant. The second she walked out with that Miss Universe bun hairstyle, I knew she was the one to beat. I have to give her credit for working out that gown. Flipping it at every chance, really was dramatic in a good way. It was very Gone With The Wind but with a lot of cleavage showing.

Did you watch Miss Universe? Did the right woman win? Do you think the mostly-American judging panel factored in a Miss USA win? Sound off below.

  • Owen

    I felt Philippines should have won over USA. I mean, seriously. Why bother asking them questions if you wouldn’t even take that into consideration? I literally cringed when USA answered her question… or at least tried to. Weren’t they asking her what she regretted the most? And she had such a generic answer by saying, “bullying my siblings” but then she tacks on “But I don’t really regret it”. Major facepalm. Plus there was that part where she tripped too. Though, props to her for managing to salvage the situation with grace. Still, my point stands. I don’t think USA should have won.

  • Me too, I honestly didn’t think Miss USA would win the crown after her Q&A. Also, during the contestants swimsuit segment, Miss USA started walking towards the front of the stage way before her country was announced… kinda funny though.

  • MiketotheB

    hi Donovan, kababayan! Of course who wouldn’t want Janine Tugonon to win and every Filipino wanted that to happen. But circumstances took Janine to 1st runner-up such as worst/bad things that happen to the US recently — the Connecticut shooting and hurricane Sandy bringing down the Nor’Eastern coast the US needs good news before the year ends. But hands down to Miss Philippines for rockin’ and nailing the FINAL Question which should have been the basis of WINNING!

    P.S. I super love South Africa… she should be in Top 5 instead of tranny looking Brazil.. ooppsss I shouldn’t have said that.

  • justin

    i wish miss korea would win this one day.

  • BORING Miss USA.

  • This contest is like most of these contests a travesty if you ask me. Plastic, i.s. cosmetic surgery should be strictly forbidden. It’s easy being beautiful after spending thousands of dollars for surgery and all other procedures. Real beauty should be the sole factor for winning.

  • Shawnee

    Miss world held in china & then miss china wins, miss universe held in USA & that midget wins. What next? It was funny to see how short she was standing in between the tall Top 5 even with her hair tied up in a bun felt short of the height among the other girls. And that was the dumbest answer I ever heard in a beauty contest & let’s not even start on that gown. It was badly shaped & an assault to my eyes.

  • Ewan

    Trump is just bitter because his Trump Tower project in the Philippines isn’t selling really well hahaha!

    Probably after the side by side by side tragedies in the US (from the Dark Knight shooting, Oregon Mall shooting and the elementary school shooting), I guess Trump wanted to uplift the spirits of the Americans this Christmas.

    Olivia is very beautiful. She looks like a princess in her gown. I just don’t want to think that this is a sympathy win.

  • Nick Enrickson

    After the Q & A, I was sure the the Philippines was it esp. after seeing the playful & childish answer of Miss USA which was far off from her politically-correct take in the local pageant.Her Miss Universe win is really a surprising upset no matter how hard I think of it again and again,it just doesn’t reconcile—physical (pretty but shorty),wardrobe (Walt Disney gown),packaging (she looks more Ms.Teen-USA),location (usually lessens winning impact),Q & A (lacking substance) & what not.And still, could it be possible that Culpo should win this to bolster MUO’s legitimacy after Trump got the favor of the court against Miss Pennsylvania who cried rigged? Just a thought. 🙂

  • oldman57

    FYI………. the winner was not only chosen on her answer to the question portion but overall from beginning to end. To each his own, I’m just alittle bugged by how negative americans are towards other americans without a real reason. sad.

  • mark

    oldman57 I do agree with you that the competition is judged overall, but at some point Miss USA did not fair well as the other contestants did throughout the competition. And her Q&A portion left me wondering even more why she won. I also wanted to say something about it being rigged. I feel like even though USA has gone through a lot this past year, other countries also has gone through things like the Philippines, they have been hit with many tidal waves, but none of these stories are brought up. I feel like competitions like this, everyone should be on equal ground, but hey Trump owns the org so I guess he might have the strong influence who won. Overall, I wanted Miss Philippines to win.

  • abc

    Miss Philippine’s gown is a disaster. The see-through fabric looks so outdated and her granny hotpants is by no means pleasant to watch. Love Venezuela’s festive green gown, it’s unconvential and very eye-catching on stage. Those venezuelan beauties just never seize to amaze the audience!!!

  • there will be another year guys, sadly it will end later 12/21/12 LOL
    but seriously i hate it when power (Donald Trump) can turn things around and the victim was left but to endure (MissPhilippines, PHILIPPINES)…

  • Uljang_yj

    It is very rightful that Miss USA won that Title of Miss Universe… I don’t think Janine deserves to be the MISS UNIVERSE because this year’s pageant was very DRY and very DULL, it was like some sort of a local pageant, and i think US did not play fair plus i don’t understand the answer of miss during the QnA portion USA. But the judges let her win…. Janine is still the Prettiest. More Power and More Beauty Philippines.. Jung Yi from Korea..

  • Uljang_yj

    I agree with you abc. But Miss janine managed to make herself elegant unlike miss venezuela who walks without any art at all.. I think the Signature walk of most Filipina contestants is very effective.. Miss Shamcey have her own Tsunami walk and Now the elegant Cobra walk of miss Janine that i think made her to be on the top 5..

  • shutup_81

    I thought it will be Miss Philippines….but Olivia is not a bad choice… As Miss Philippines said during her interview after the pageant, judging beauty pageants is very subjective…

    And I should say, the solo pic of Miss Philippines above is just DIVINE…elegance and class…

  • Andrew

    Miss USA had the frumpiest gown, but I thought she was the prettiest. This is still just a beauty pageant afterall…lol

  • MauiKane

    My choice was Miss Philippines – Janine Tugonon. But I am happy that Olivia Culpo won. She will make an excellent Miss Universe.

  • Sacha

    Miss Brazil should win Miss Universe 2012!

  • Ruel

    Look at the photos above. Look who has the best poise

  • b

    Miss South Africa should of won 2012!!