It’s one of my favorite times of the year, when I get to plop my fat ass on the couch and watch some of the most beautiful women in the world compete for the title of Miss Universe. Yes, it’s totally gay, but I LOVE it. It brings back fond memories of my mom and I watching the show together and hearing my aunts complain how ugly Miss Philippines was. You think gay men are judgy? Try sitting in a room with my aunts and mom watching this show.

Miss Universe crowned its 59th winner last night at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. 22-year-old Jimena Navarrete of Mexico won the Miss Universe 2010 title. She becomes only the second delegate from Mexico to win the title- Lupita Jones won in 1991. Coincidentally enough, Jones was also crowned in Las Vegas.

Celebrity Apprentice winner Bret Michaels, and NBC reporter Natalie Morales hosted the ceremony with musical performances by Cirque du Soleil and John Legend and The Roots. On deck to judge the ladies for the live event were Chazz Palminteri, Chynna Phillips, Criss Angel, Evan Lysacek, Jane Seymour, Niki Taylor, Sheila E., Tamron Hall and Billy Baldwin.


Venus Raj
4th Runner Up
Yuppers, my island nation had a contender this year. For the first time in 11 years a delegate from the Philippines was in the hunt. In fact, oddsmakers picked her along with Miss Jamaica as a favorite to win the title. That was until, she opened her mouth and gave one of the worst answers ever and landed in last place among the top 5. BOO, way to choke Venus. It’s a shame too, since she was really pretty and had a great shot to become the nation’s third winner.


Anna Poslavska
3rd Runner Up
She had the most stunning eyes of the bunch. And with that body and gorgeous hair, she looked like she just stepped out of a Bond movie. Pussy Galore has nothing on her. I actually thought her answer wasn’t half bad. 3rd runner-up was the right placing for her. Poslavska was hoping to give Ukraine its first ever win.


Jesinta Campbell
2nd Runner Up
So adorably cute. It should come as no surprise she won Miss Congeniality. I thought Jesinta answered her final question the best. She wasn’t as stunning as the other women, but her cuteness brought her deep into the competition. Like Miss Philippines, Campbell was hoping to give Aussies their third ever win. As a side note, her national costume which included Ugg high heel boots drew the ire of many in Australia.


Yendi Phillipps
1st Runner up
ROBBED, ROBBED, ROBBED. From the first moment I saw Yendi strut and shimmy her way to Kelly Rowland’s “Commander” in the opening number, she won me over. The way she flipped her hair, worked that smile, and sashayed, she was pure perfection. Unfortunately for her, she was saddled with bad luck and got a horrible controversial final question. I thought she answered it perfectly, but with a question about capital punishment, you’re bound to alienate one if not two of the judges. IMHO, she should’ve been crowned this year’s winner.


Jimena Navarrete
WINNER – Miss Universe
Yes, she’s stunningly gorgeous but she had one of the worst answers of the final five, except for that ridiculous one given by Philippines. Too boot, it drives me insane when a delegate speaks perfectly fine English, then all of a sudden they require a translator during the final round. To me, I think it’s just a ploy to gain an extra few seconds to think about their answer while the question is being translated.

Overall it was another great Miss Universe pageant. I miss the good ‘ol days when they had two separate question answer periods. With more delegates answering “thought-provoking” questions, you were bound to garner more ridiculous and hilarious answers. Too bad when Donald Trump took over the pageant, he eliminated one of the question rounds. Bring it back, Donald… bring it back.

A couple of things worth mentioning before I go. Miss Thailand won both Miss Photogenic and Best National Costume. Both of which were a result from online votes. Current Miss USA, Rima Fakih, was only the fourth Miss USA in Miss Universe history to fail in advancing to the semi-finals. OUCH.

Did you watch last night’s pageant? Did you think Mexico deserved to win? Who were you rooting for?