Miss California, You’re Fired!


It’s official. Miss California Carrie Prejean has been stripped of her crown. Pageant executive Keith Lewis was on The Today Show this morning, along with PrePostjean’s replacement  Tami Farrell, and told CBS that she had been very “difficult and combative” and had missed “tens and tens of appearances.” 

As you know, Miss California had received a lot of flack after publicly speaking against Gay Marriage when asked her opinion by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, and made several unintelligent public statements thereafter. Tami Farrell seems a lot more mature and intelligent Postjean did. The 25 year old is being promoted from “Miss California Beauty Ambassador” to Miss California.

Congratulations, Tami! 

Carrie…So you’re against gay marriage, are you against doing your job too? You got what you deserved. Good call Mr. Trump! 

This is what Carrie said post being fired: “It is just because of my answer I think,” she tells Access Hollywood. “None of this would be happening right now if I had just said, ‘Yeah gays should get married.’ ”

[Publisher’s Note: Fox recently published a series of emails between Carrie Prejean and the Miss USA organizers. You can check them out by clicking here. Miss Prejean sounds a little diva-ish, don’t you think?

  • MikeL


    Fuck that fat fuck.

  • Harlequin

    I love how in an interview, she was upset and was saying that she got fired solely for the same-sex marriage comment and that “Tolerance is a two-way street”………Uh. I think she’s missing a couple pieces of the puzzle.

  • I really, REALLY hope the executive in charge of this thing actually said the words “tens and tens”… god, even the men in charge of this competition sound like idiots 😛

  • Adam

    She’s missing more than a couple pieces of the puzzle. In the e-mails she comes across as a spoiled brat who doesn’t understand what a contract is. Basically she is even less articulate than she was when she commented about “opposite marriage.” I love Olberman’s comment that she is now “opposite employed.” This video has a compelling Trump conspiracy theory from GMA – is this just a ploy by the Donald to get more publicity for his pageants?


  • MikeB

    If she becomes some maytre outta this, i’m gonna puke !!!!!!

  • MikeB


  • fb

    Eh, she looked so stereotypical-fake-bake-and-white-eyeliner-on-the-waterduct-California girl anyway.

    As MikeL said, ‘FUCK THAT FAT FUCK.’