Mischa Barton Is Back… Sorta

Looks like someone is stealing a page out of Lady Gaga’s playbook. Remember that meat dress Gaga wore to last year’s MTV VMAs? Well, part of it is now on Mischa Barton’s face. The folks over at PETA aren’t going to like this. With his recent controversial domestic violence photo shoot with Heather Morris, Tyler Shields certainly isn’t shying away from edgy shoots. No, I’m not talking about the use of that tasty steak, but rather using Barton in a photo shoot. Who knew the former “The O.C.” star was still kicking around?

From the sounds of it neither did Shields. According to his blog post, he started to receive emails from Barton’s Brazilian fan club. HAHA. They were asking him to shoot her (with his camera and not a gun I think). Coincidentally enough, the same fan club was also emailing Barton’s BFF about Tyler Shields. Hmmm, this sounds extremely fishy (or in this case meaty), don’t you think? Hands up for those who think the “fan club” was Barton’s people trying to get the actress some much-needed publicity.

Whoever was behind it, Shields took the bait. He’s certainly up for the task since he’s no stranger with young Hollywood trainwrecks. A couple of years back, he snapped Lindsay Lohan in a Linda Lovelace-inspired photo shoot. Shields says he came up with the steak inspiration during his lunch with the 25-year-old actress at In-N-Out. Maybe it was her treat 😉 A couple of days later, Barton met him at his studio and he gave her $65 worth of steak to pose with, as she saw fit. See what the actress did with the slab of meat in more pics below. I wonder if the steak on her eye is supposed to symbolize the healing of the public black eye she’s earned from a lackluster couple of years. Too deep? Probably.

“First he covered me in milk, then he rolled me around in flour and made me slap my face with a steak! No, it was amazing!” – Mischa Barton

“I randomly met her friend and we talked about it. A few days later this happened,” he says “She was amazing to work with. I cant wait to do it again.” – Tyler Shields

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