I recently came across MIROSLAV Underwear‘s brilliant campaign that revolves around their slogan, “Best Appreciated Up Close” and I just had to share them with you.

Thus far, they have four print ads (including the one above), as well as three commercials that all show people having to get right up to the underwear (and I mean RIGHT UP) in order to truly appreciate it. They are so funny. The three short commericals are titled “Hotel,” “Walker,” and “Airbag” and they are all worth watching. I have not doubt they’ll be receiving some sort of marketing award for this campaign.

The Australian underwear line was designed by Miro Kubicek and uses Japanese cotton which ensures that there is no excess heat. I definitely want to try a pair myself! Until then, I’ll likely watch and LOL again at these commercials a few more times. Enjoy!


MIROSLAV underwear – “HOTEL”

MIROSLAV underwear – “WALKER”

MIROSLAV underwear – “AIRBAG”

Print Ads

Check out Miroslav underwear on their site here: http://www.miroslav.com/