iPhone Game: Mini Gay Boyfriend

I was in Stockholm about a month back at a gay club called Zipper (super fun, by the way) when I met the developer for a cute little iPhone game called “Mini Gay Boyfriend”. I downloaded it when I got back to the hotel room, and have been playing it ever since.

MGB from Digicub Ltd., is a fun, great app. In it, you choose from a list of animated boyfriend avatars which one you want to start dating. There’s a punk, a goth, a drag queen, and many more. Whatever your tastes are you’re sure to find something you like. After that it’s your job to grow the relationship via multiple levels of mini-games. There are 3 games at the beginning level that you can choose to play, and you unlock additional games as your relationship gets more serious. You need to stay on top of your relationship, if you forget about your virtual boyfriend for too long, he may decide to leave you. That shouldn’t be a problem though, because the game’s appeal will have you playing it in all your spare moments.

Most of the mini games are based on timing your touches to certain events, and there are others including a picture matching game. With 9 games in total, packaged in with great music and some additional elements Mini Gay Boyfriend is more than worth the 0.99 cents to buy it. The artwork is really fun, and some of the animations will make you laugh out loud with their cheekiness.

The game is just overall cute. There’s nothing pornographic, and everything is hand drawn. It’s definitely worth a download. And for the ladies, the developers haven’t forgotten about you, there’s also “Mini Gay Girlfriend”.