I recently came across this promo video for a club in São Paulo, Brazil called ‘The Society‘ that has a night called “Milk” (happening every Wednesday) and I just had to share it with you. I’ve checked out pictures of the club and it seems like quite a popular place and if I ever find myself in São Paulo (fingers crossed), I will definitely be attending Milk.

The video below shows one sexy shirtless milk man on his bike en route to deliver a couple bottles of milk to his delivery address… The Society. Clearly milk has done his body good. I think more clubs should do promo videos like this!

On a side note, a while back I participated in a photo shoot (along with a handful of other Vancouverites you might recognize from the gay community) with photographer Adam Wojtowicz where we were immersed in a pool of milk (or what was made to look like milk). It believe it was supposed to be for a project for the HIM Campaign, but nothing ended up happening with it. Rather than let these pictures go to waste as “spoiled milk,” I’ve also included them below.

Adam Wojtowicz Photo Shoot

Adam Dreaddy

By day, Adam is a barber and hair stylist at Stratosphere Salon here in Vancouver (I go to him!) By night, Adam is an established DJ and has been voted one of the top 3 DJs in the city for the last few years. He recently launched “Poni” at Five Sixty, Vancouver’s biggest nightclub. Follow him on Twitter: @DJAdamDreaddy

Rob Goddard

You may recognize him as Mr. Gay Canada 2011. We interviewed him a while back. Such a great guy and I got to know him while rehearsing for the 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremonies. He and his partner now live in Sydney!

Patrick Levesque

Oh, that’s me. I don’t know what to say about myself LOL… so… follow me on Twitter: @patricklevesque

Darren Bruce

You may recognize Darren Bruce as Mr. Gay Canada 2010! Also a friend of ours and a really nice guy. Follow him on Twitter: @darren_bruce

Sean Horlor

You know him best from OUTtv’s “Don’t Quit Your Gay Job,” which is also on LOGO. Follow him on Twitter: @seanhorlor

Tyler Pentland

A friend of Homorazzi’s, Tyler is a graphic designer. Follow him on Twitter: @Ty_pography

Redd Trinidad

You know him because…he’s also a Homorazzi cast member. He used to live here in Vancouver, but last year relocated to Toronto. Follow him on Twitter: @reddinthecity

Raye Sunshine

At the time of the shoot, Raye Sunshine was the HMISM Empress XXXIX of Vancouver. Find Raye Sunshine on Facebook here: Raye Sunshine

Armstrong Jr.

He’s an electro-pop recording artist from Vancouver. Follow him on Twitter: @ArmstrongJr

Marty Mojo Stevens

At the time of the shoot, Marty Mojo Stevens was the HMISM Emperor XXXVI of Vancouver. Find Marty on Facebook here: Marty Mojo Stevens