Two Military Men Perform Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”

Lately, there have been countless videos popping up on YouTube of men and women in the military, lip syncing to some of our favorite songs. I came across this video this morning and couldn’t help but share it with all of you. This video may have been uploaded in September of last year, but that doesn’t make it any less golden.

Posted below the video is the simple description, “killing time after an 18 hour tour in Iraq.” I applaud these guys for having this much energy after an 18 hour work day. I’d be in my bed sleeping. This video has some great moments including straight boy dance steps, the shaved head blond doing some pretty sexual (and sexy) moves and the ultimate ‘lift’ that you see above.

You have to love straight boys who are comfortable enough in their sexuality to do stuff like this. I can definitely say that I have a few straight friends who would totally do a video like this (right Kevin and Andri?) Anyways, I highly recommend watching this video. If you’re in a bad mood or your spirits are in need of lifting today, this little clip will help.


  • Juju

    …and then they had sex

  • Darren

    umm straight? i might be contradicting my beliefs, but theres no way a straight guy could do the things the shirtless guy did without some “experience”

  • Gerald Cruz


  • Steven

    No way they are straight.

  • dude… i have bi and gay friends who wouldn’t do this…this pair clearly have come curious tendencies…just sayin’

  • Brendan

    In what world do straight guys do that to pass the time? Not buying it. I gotta say, it’s so great to see that DADT is not stopping these guys from enjoying themselves. Play safe boys! :p

  • tim

    nothing is hotter to me then guys just barely holding back. damn, so glad DADT is done for. five years and these two will be just getting over their honeymoon period and the shirtless one will be wondering why the hell the one in the beater uses his toothbrush so much.

  • Dee

    The fact that they even know that song proves they are not straight. LOL!!