Miley Cyrus Releases Director’s Cut With More Humping

Miley Cyrus is a woman of her word. She teased fans her plans to release a director’s cut of her hit “We Can’t Stop” once the original music video reached 100 million YouTube views. The Diane Martel-directed clip reached that milestone yesterday and as promised, the new version is here. What’s different? More humping (solo and with others), karaoke scenes and one oral sex gesture. In other words… Miley being Miley.

When the original video premiered it broke a VEVO record, racking more than 10.7 million views in just 24 hours. Her reign on top was short lived. One Direction’ “Best Song Ever” eclipsed her total, generating initially 10.9 million views. After further tabulation, VEVO updated its total to 12.3 million, shattering Cyrus’ clip. I wonder if Miley’s alternate version can come close to 1D’s record or even her own for that matter. Check out the new clip below.

Miley Cyrus ‘We Can’t Stop’ (Director’s Cut)

  • jesaves

    i fucking love it

  • JMC

    I have high hopes for this record but I doubt it will match the triumph of her style transformation. We Can’t Stop sounded like a Rihanna left over and it turned out to be one so I worry the album is only going to be about as good as say Nicole Scherzinger’s debut, if she’s lucky, made up of left overs and rejected tracks by the Katy Perry, Britney and co.