Miley Cyrus Comes In Like A ‘Wrecking Ball’ In New Single

Miley Cyrus has just debuted a new single called “Wrecking Ball” and we’ve got your first listen below. The track was produced by Dr. Luke, who is apparently one of the new American Idol judges this upcoming season. Miley continues to be unpredictable with her upcoming Bangerz album because this new song is nothing like her summer hit “We Can’t Stop“.

In the chorus Miley belts out, “I came in like a wrecking ball! / I never hit so hard in love! / All I wanted was to break your walls.” Miley, who looks like she’s posing for the Miami Vice series on the album cover for Bangerz, really shows of her vocal abilities in this one as she sings of regret for a relationship gone wrong. In one of the verses, she sings “I never meant to start a war / I just wanted you to let me in / And instead of using force / I guess I should have let you in.”

Listen to the new track below and share your thoughts in the comments.

Miley Cyrus – ‘Wrecking Ball’

  • Chad

    This is brilliant. Wasn’t a huge fan- but these two first songs off BANGERZ are solid.

  • Jaavee

    It’s really good. *two thumbs up*

  • mfan

    Funny headshot of you imitating Miley’s pose, Patrick! The song is Bangerz! It doesn’t even need a video to sell it.

  • Jeremy

    As much as I don’t really like Miley’s new image, this song is amazing. If the rest of the album has this sound, sign me up.

  • jay

    I love it.

  • Sean

    Wow this is actually really good! Almost has an 80’s power ballad feel to it. Looking forward to this next album!