Miley Cyrus Gets Lap Dance From Ellen DeGeneres

No, it’s not what you think. Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t actually do the deed herself to Miley Cyrus. Though, I’m sure if wifey Portia de Rossi wasn’t in the picture, I’m certain she would. Instead, DeGeneres brings on two beefy guys under the guise of electrical workers to tear their clothes off for the former Hannah Montana star’s impromptu bachelorette party. Miley really gets into it, slapping the guys’ butts and throwing money at them. The clip is from Ellen’s show on Thursday November 8.

Before the male strippers appeared, Miley chatted about her upcoming wedding to her Hunger Games fiancee, Liam Hemsworth. She talked about focusing more on her new album, than diving into all the arduous planning involved with the nuptials.

“Like, I don’t care what color the napkins are, to be honest,” she continued. “I really don’t care. So, it’s a lot of weird detail. I don’t want to be doing too much and be crazy and forget about the moment of it all.” – Miley Cyrus

The 19-year-old discusses her new haircut which caused a major buzz on the internet when she tweeted a pic. Responding to all the haters who hated her short cropped hair, she jokes it’s more eco-friendly as she uses less water to wash her hair. Check out both clips below. PS. The blond stripper is kinda hot and definitely worth checking out.

Ellen DeGeneres Throws Miley Cyrus Bachelorette Party

Miley Talks About Haircut

Which stripper do you prefer? The blond or brunette? Or would you rather receive a strip show from her fiancee Liam Hemsworth? Sound off below.

  • Chino Copuyoc

    Oh.. now I remember why I used to like her.

  • >=O

    who is that male blonde… looks like josey greenwall

  • The blonde is James Ellis. He’s a fitness/underwear model and does regular cameos on TV as a hot blonde. Recently was Happy Endings.

  • Alex

    pls anyone tell me name of that black hair guys