Mila Kunis Grants YouTube User A Date

Mila Kunis takes serving her country to a whole new level. The “Black Swan” actress has agreed to grant one lucky YouTube user a date of a lifetime. Sgt. Scott Moore posted a short clip on YouTube last week asking the actress to accompany him to the Marine Corps Ball on November 18 in Greenville, N.C. Kunis’ “Friends With Benefits” co-star Justin Timberlake caught wind of the video and sent a message to Moore on Twitter:

“I’m going to work on this, man. This needs to go down.”

Being a man of his word, Timberlake worked on Mila while doing press for their new romantic comedy. When Kunis was questioned by Fox News about the marine’s invitation, Timberlake put her on the spot by telling her, “You need to do it for your country.” Obviously, she agreed and said, “I’ll go, I’ll do it for you“. She then asked Timberlake. “Are you going to come?”, to which he responded, “They don’t want me! They want you.

You gotta give it up to Mila for being a good sport. How lucky is Sgt. Scott Moore? I’m sure, even he didn’t think Kunis would agree to be his date, let alone get national attention for his video. Now that Moore’s invitation was successful, I wonder how many others will mimic his approach to win a date with their celebrity crushes. Who knows, maybe I’ll upload a video asking Chris Evans or Paul Walker out. Any suggestions?

  • Joseph

    Greenville, NC is right down the road from me and where I went to school… I’m pretty sure people will go crazy if she does indeed go.