Mila Kunis Takes Her Turn At The Marine Corps Ball

Last week, Justin Timberlake made good on his promise to attend the Marine Corps Ball with his date Kelsey de Santis. This weekend, it was Mila Kunis’ turn to be the belle of the ball with her date, Sgt. Scott Moore. If you’re not 100% sure why this is entertainment news, let me fill you in.

Moore posted a video on YouTube this past summer asking Mila to be his date to the ball. She accepted and now, we have the pictures to prove she was there. Taking part in all the traditions of the ball including the oldest and youngest marine slicing a birthday cake and having the first pieces, Mila seemed to be fully enjoying herself. Even the other marines took notice of her presence.

“[She] was very nice and very respectful,” an enlisted Marine who attended the Greenville, N.C., ball tells PEOPLE. “She gets credit and a lot of respect for coming here, not being part of this world and following through on her word.”

Check out some photos of Mila at the ball below.