Man Crush: Mike Vogel

Since the new television season is only a few weeks away, I thought I’d use my weekly Man Crush series to highlight some of Fall TV’s potential stars. This week I’m picking a hottie from one of the new shows I’m looking most forward to seeing. “Pan Am” is one of two new shows debuting set in the 60s trying to replicate “Mad Men’s” success. NBC has the “Playboy Club“, and ABC has this drama following the lives of flight attendants and pilots. This week’s Man Crush was added late to the series when he replaced Generation Kill‘s Jonah Lotan who was cut for creative reasons. Win for me, since I’ve had a crush on Mike Vogel for many years now.

The fact that Vogel hasn’t reach super stardom yet astounds me. He’s got the looks and talent, but just hasn’t found that breakthrough role. Hopefully “Pam Am” will do the trick. You might recognize this blond stud from his previous roles in “Poseidon“, “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants“, “Cloverfield” or “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre“. If you watched “Blue Valentine” you probably can’t forget his sex scene with Michelle Williams.

Before landing his first role, Vogel paid his bills from modeling gigs. It was actually a Levi’s campaign that led him to being cast in the television series “Grounded For Life”. Last season he starred in CBS’s failed drama “Miami Medical“. He returns to network television this season with hopes of yielding better results. Vogel is married with two kids and two pugs. Can’t get more white picket fence than that. A perfect choice to star in a show set in simpler times.

Do you prefer Vogel as a doctor or a pilot. I wouldn’t mind either role-play.

He looks so sad here. Come to papa for a hug… and more.

If I could grow hair like him, I’d definitely do it. He should do a Pantene commercial.

Apparently, he shares his muscle secrets in the above issue of Men’s Health.

Considering he graced the cover of Men’s Health magazine, this was the best shirtless pic I could find of him. Someone’s holding out. WE WANT MORE SKIN.

Smizing for the paparazzi on the red carpet.

I’d ride “bitch” on his motorcycle.

Someone’s channeling his best inner Gap ad pose.

Woah, twinky alert.

I think I had that shirt on the left.

Doesn’t he look like Jensen Ackles from “Supernatural”?

  • Emy

    Hi!!!!!!!! WONDERFUL POST! I love Mike, and you wrote magnificent words about him! And you’re right! I want to see Mike in a spot for Pantene! haha

  • SteveDenver

    Mike Vogel is absolutely DREAMY in “The Help,” as Mr. Foote.