Mika Officially Comes Out As Gay

Back in 2009, the British singer revealed to a Dutch magazine that he was bisexual. Three years later, the 28-year-old is ready to tell the world that he is an out and proud gay man. Mika sat down with Instinct magazine to set the record “straight“. Here’s what he told the publication.

“If you ask me am I gay, I say yeah. Are these songs about my relationship with a man? I say yeah. And it’s only through my music that I’ve found the strength to come to terms with my sexuality beyond the context of just my lyrics. This is my real life.” – Mika

Also in his interview with Instinct, Mika talks about his relationship and the role he feels celebrities play as representatives for the LGBT community. Congrats to Mika for coming out, though I don’t think it’s really a surprise to anyone who’s listened to his music. Any man who sings about Grace Kelly couldn’t possibly be straight, right? LOL.

Given his newly out status, it’s only fitting Mika’s latest single is titled “Celebrate“. It’s the first official single from his upcoming third studio album, “The Origin of Love” and features Pharrell Williams. Check it below.

MIKA ft. Pharrell “Celebrate”

MIKA “Grace Kelly” (Extended Version)

Thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and also embed Mika’s breakout hit, “Grace Kelly”. Loved it back then and still love it now.

  • Homegirl No5

    To congratulate him, I would like to invite him to my bed to catch up on some of the action he’s been missing.

  • Res

    A day late and a dollar short. I HATE it when celebs come out when they are no longer relevant. Why didn’t you do it when you had a platform and people actually cared? Oh – that’s right!! You were too busy playing it up! I see Frank Ocean is inspiring people…

  • Rob

    really? no way! …

  • Rob

    Res has a really good point

  • Only now? The first time he burst into the scene, my gut told me he’s gay.

  • Barbie

    Well, duh. Lol But, glad he finally got the guts to say it out loud! I remember when he first came out – when his sexuality was questioned, he avoided it entirely. But, c’mon, Grace Kelly, Billy Brown… Not a surprise, Mika. Lol