RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Michelle Visage Talks Final 3 & Gives Inside Scoop

We are mere days away from learning who RuPaul crowns as the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3. Can you believe it? After a marathon season, I never thought this day would arrive. So what can we expect from the finale? Well, according to new judge Michelle Visage… a lot. We were lucky enough to score a good old fashioned gossip session with the opinionated panelist.

Just like her persona on television, this woman doesn’t hold back. She’s as funny as she is on the show. In the edited version of our interview, I asked her thoughts on the Final 3 and what she thought their strengths and weaknesses were. In addition, I also asked her which other queens besides Carmen Carrera the judges debated on bringing back into the competition. In between all the questioning, she provided a few tidbits on the reunion and the finale. Listen to the short clip to eavesdrop on our girl talk. Be forewarned, I gush a little bit about her girl group popstar days. No joking, I really was a fan of Seduction and their dance singles. Oh, the memories.

Michelle Visages Gives Her Thoughts on The Final 3

If there is enough interest, I’ll get Patrick to post the unedited version of the interview where we discussed what her favorite runway outfits were plus who she would’ve picked as the Final 3 if she had her way. Who are you rooting for to take home the title as America’s Next Drag Superstar? I’m cheering on both Manila and Raja. Bring it on home, ladies.

  • Dylan

    I wanna hear the unedited version! I love to hate this bitch!

  • ali

    of course there is interest for the unedited version. thanks!

  • scarlet1815

    Yes please, unedited version would be awesome! I love to LOVE her, baby!

  • ali

    What a crock, Michelle. Raja comes off as “not caring about anybody but herself”? Do you even watch the show? Um, demonstrated caring about Phoenix, Delta, Manila, Carmen, Yara and even Mariah when she was being a biyotch to her the night she got the boot. This rewind was the most contrived piece of Alexis and Shamgela pimpage ever. OH and remind me again. WHO did all the other queens care about, htis season and before? Um, Tyra, Raven and every other person ever COMPETING? And WHO did Alexis and Shamgela prove they “cared about”? Crock.

  • gogo

    Please post the unedited version 🙂

  • Okay I’ll post the unedited version sometime next week 🙂