Michelle Fan of the hilarious Second City Network has more celebrity “Makeup Tips” for us all to enjoy. This time, her viewers have been requesting that she teach people how to get “The Maria Shriver Look,” so of course that’s exactly what she does. As you know, despite hanging with her pal Oprah on the series finale, Maria Shriver has been through hell the last few months as a result of her lying, Sperminating ex, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is the father of an illegitimate teenage son, after he had a sexual affair with their housekeeper.

So, how exactly can one achieve the Maria Shriver look with makeup, baring in mind everything that’s going on in her life: Pain, sadness, anger, and betrayal. She also has great cheekbones, so you have to ensure to highlight those! You’ll have to watch the makeup tutorial to find out how to master this look.

Honestly, I wish Maria Shriver the best and I do sympathize for her…but this is just funny. You have to watch.