Homorazzi Chats With Out Comedian Michael Ziegfeld

Do you recognize this man above? Well, if you’re a fan of the romantic comedy 27 Dresses, then you’ll remember his hilarious scene as the sassy cab driver opposite of Katherine Heigel. Ladies and gentleman, Michael Ziegfeld. This openly gay comedian is one of the funniest I know. I spoke with him on the phone today to chat about his upcoming show in LA and after only a minute of conversation, he already had me in stitches.

Aside from his movie roles in 27 Dresses and The Ten, Michael has graced the stage Off-Broadway with his own show titled Ziegfeld’s Folly. The show was actually a career move instigated by a former boyfriend. The result was cathartic for Michael he said on the phone. It was a chance for him to do things he was always afraid of like singing and dancing to original music created just for his show.

Michael also does a ton of voice-over work and is a renowned ventriloquist artist. Now, Michael is about to take all of his shows that he has taken on the road and jam them into an action packed hour show at L.A.’s secret diamond in the rough, hole in the wall venue, Barre At Vermont this coming Wednesday. The show is not to be missed. Michael isn’t the only comedian to ever play the venue. Michael was telling me that you never know who’s going to show up and do a show. Past comedians include Wayne Brady and Harvey Fierstein. Needless to say, Michael is in good company. On the phone, we chatted about relationships, his comedic journey and what the future holds for him. Check it out below.

Right away, you get the impression that Michael is a hard worker and a jack of all trades in the comedy industry. I asked him quite candidly if he had a secret formula to his funny business or if he just had a naturally funny life. His response? Making sure that he speaks from his first voice. So what does that mean? He explains how we all have a filter that we naturally take our responses through before we speak. What Michael specializes in is removing that filter and saying exactly what is on his mind… something a lot of us are afraid of doing many times. He admits that this has got him in trouble a few times but in the end, it’s what makes his schtick so memorable and hilarious.

His upcoming show in LA at Barre at Vermont is sure to make the audience LOL as he combines all of his traveling shows into an action-packed one hour comedy fest. The show starts at 8:30 which gives you enough time to leave work, meet your friends and have dinner and drink before enjoying a night of laughs. You’ll be out early enough to grab more drinks or go home with an aching belly. The show is also being filmed by Logo TV so expect to see something coming from that in the new year.

Following this thrilling show, Michael is going to head back to the East Coast for a “paid vacation” to spend time with family and do a few stand-up club gigs so if you live on the East coast, make sure you watch out for Michael to be playing a show in your area. You won’t want to miss it. And, if you’re single, I suggest introducing yourself. Michael admitted he’s been carrying around a picture of his hand in his wallet and would love to replace it with a real man soon. LOL.

If you are in the LA area this Wednesday, check out Michael’s show at Barre At Vermont, details below.

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