This week, I thought I’d warm up this rainy Saturday in September (at least where I am) with a 31-year old “hunka-hunka burning love” from Australia named Michael Sullivan. Not sure why I channeled Elvis just there, but I’m gonna go with it. This hottie is a professional rugby league footballer for the Bulldogs of the National Rugby League (NRL). His usual position is “hooker,” and with some of the pictures I’m going to show you, I’m sure he does very well at it. I kid, I kid.

After the former gambling addict finished his contract with the Bulldogs, he signed on as the Captain/Coach for the Orange Cyms in Group 10 Country Rugby League. Imagine this stud was your coach? Sir, yes sir. If you recognize him, that may be because he and his former Bulldogs teammates Nick Youngquest and Daniel Holdsworth posed for the Gods Of Football charity calendar.

Enjoy the photos below!

Something about hot men in sweatpants that is a huge turn on.

Oh, and he is “presenting” (as Rich would say) his glistening booty.

“Vood you like nipple massage?”

So let me get this straight. Naked with nothing but a towel…sitting on gym equipment. Who wants a membership to his gym?!

Oh yeah, and he plays rugby too, LOL. Honestly, it’s harder to find pictures of him wearing rugby gear than it is to find him wearing anything at all. Definitely not complaining. Just saying.

One last look at these pecs & abs and I’m officially motivated to go to the gym.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!