Michael Phelps Strips Down For Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign

The London 2012 Olympics may be over, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be seeing the last of the athletes. With gold medals in tow, the more popular ones will be scoring endorsement deals with major brands. Given that Michael Phelps is the most-decorated Olympian of all-time, naturally he’s going to land a few gigs.

Previously, he’s appeared in a Head & Shoulders ad. He’s certainly upgraded for his new gig. The 27-year-old is the latest pitchman for luxury brand Louis Vuitton. The swimmer is seen wearing a black Speedo while wading in a white tub. Next to him is a stylish LV tote bag. Even though Phelps didn’t make my 15 Hottest Olympic Swimmers list, I have to admit, he looks pretty sexy looking “model serious” in the tub. Check out the ad snapped by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz below.

Do you think Phelps will sell a whackload of tote bags for Louis Vuitton? I’m a bit surprised the brand didn’t decide to hire Ryan Lochte instead. He’s definitely the more fashion obsessed out of the two swimmers? Remember that garish patriotic grill?

  • Dave

    LV Cruiser

  • roman

    Michael Phelps is ten times hotter than Ryan lochte that’s why

  • Justin

    omg im so over the best olympian ever shit. its not fair to count medals as a reason to call someone the best olympian ever. hes a swimmer they have so many chances to win medals compared to other athletes in other disciplines. i wish they would just drop that already so i can enjoy phelps without the fluff.

  • andy

    That asshole couldn’t sell me his own cock on a lonely night. Is there any bigger turn-off than rampant megalomania? Don’t think so. What a pear-shaped loser.

  • Brian

    Phelps having LV products is not believable. He’s such a ‘jeans and t-shirt’ kind of guy. Plus wearing a bathing suit in a bathtub makes him look a little crazy. The Olympics are over, get naked man!

  • JC

    Justin, even though swimming has a ton of events, it still is impressive that Phelps managed to win gold multiple times. I’m also impressed that a few of his events were held back to back and he ended up coming on top. I think he deserves the accolades, no one, not even other swimmers will probably match his record of most medals per athlete for a long time.

  • Jay

    I think it’s Michael’s mom who courted LV for some free stuff. Michael Phelps modeling LV is like Kanye modeling for Old Navy.

  • DouggSeven

    Can someone remind him that his face is hideous?

    Man, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills that more people don’t say this. The guy’s a dog with a capitol Woof Woof!

    A smile is supposed to make you more attractive but in his rare case, it makes him even uglier – not an easy feat to accomplish given what the mug looks like in any direction.

  • Andrew

    What I don’t get is the fascination with LV…their products are fuuugly!

  • Jojo

    The mise-en-scène is stupid, I really don’t like the photo and the narrative is also stupid

  • JAY

    OMG most of these guys that have posted here are sooooo miserable. Guys if you cannot say something nice dont post. All you are doing is letting the world know, that you are a lonley person and are in need to be loved. Honestly do you all think these athletes are going to reply peronally to you and say, what can I do to make you happy??? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • L

    This is their Core Value campaign. LV is using the model’s achievement to sell instead of his look. I know Michael Phelps looks like monkey but this ad really has that “capturing the moment effect.”

  • Nicholas Petty

    I absolutely adore Michael Phelps, he is only one of a few people I can honestly say I admire and am proud of and for ….

    And really, where do any of you get off saying such hateful things about him ? … He has a beauty that none of you even come close to, for it is a beauty that comes from within his soul. Something you hateful and hurtful people do not possess !!