Since I’m four games into my own season of soccer here in Vancouver, I thought I’d highlight a soccer/football player this week. Also, there are just a lot of hot soccer players out there – LOL. This week, we have the sexy 31 year old Michael Owen, who plays striker for Manchester United. This Brit is definitely a BILP: “Bloke I’d Love to Poke”. Yup, I just made that one up.

He began playing soccer at a senior level in 1996 and has been playing ever since. Owen is married and has been very busy… considering he has four children already!

Unfortunately for Owen, he had a hamstring injury earlier this year that prevented him from being able to make the squad and play in the World Cup in South Africa. Regardless, he signed a one-year extension to his contract this month so we’ll be seeing more of him next year.

Feel free to stay this photo for a while. I sure did.

I agree with his shorts. He gets a 10 from me!

Let us take a moment to appreciate those freaking legs.

Owen on the left is even checking out Owen on the right.

“Put your hands legs up in the air, put your hands legs up in air!”

It’s funny, I picture him making the same expression when… you fill in the rest.

That’s right, he knows how to find his light.

Flexibility has its benefits…