This week’s sports stud is one of the former “Gods of Football” models, Michael Osborne. The 29 year old plays football with the Hawthorn Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL). Osborne is a medium size midfielder in the league, and back in 2005, he was awarded the club’s ‘defensive pursuits player of the year’.

As a side note, coincidently Mardi Gras is taking place in Australia right now (with Kylie Minogue just performing last night) and Donovan and Brian are there taking part in the festivities. Can’t wait to read about it in the near future.

As I mentioned, Osborne took part in the Gods of Football calendar a few years back. Yes, that means there are some hot pictures in store for you below. I’ve even included a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot as well which I know you should appreciate. Enjoy!

“Grr”, right? I had to cut the picture off there, but you can see all the goodness in the video below.

Osborne is one hot Aussie athlete I’m sure many of you would be willing to go “down under” for.

Here he is in action. Check out those legs!

Whoa! And there it is… Not much left to the imagination!

Osborne, pass me the ball! 😉

Those are some chiseled abs. That’ll be my motivation for the gym today.

Here, Osborne puts the “stud” in Sports Stud.

Gods of Football – Michael Osborne