Rosette seems to be on a roll, and we like it! Hot off the heels of her last track “Amnesia” with Ian Carey and Timberland, which Patrick did a post on, Rosette has hit the mark again with Michael Mind Project and Bobby Anthony in the song “Rio De Janeiro“. Bobby Anthony’s song with Ian Carey and Snoop Dogg “Last Night” is all over the radio these days and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. I hope this next song will have the same effect and burn up the radio stations.

Rosette says: “The song is about letting loose, jumping up and just heading off to Rio De Janeiro! It’s about have fun and letting go, don’t let anything or anyone stop you from enjoying your life.”

From a personal stand point I can’t WAIT until Rosette starts coming out with more music. This girl has been working her bunz off over the last few years and it’s really starting to pay off. It just goes to show that persistence and dedication can take you a long way. I’ve herd a few of her unreleased songs and I’m really excited for when they come out. There is a specific ballad one that I like and it really showcases her vocals, so trust me when I say she’s not just a house music singer. Now check out the hot new track!