American Idol 9: Top 9 Elimination “Bizarro World”


WOW. I wasn’t expecting that. When Ryan Seacrest prefaced the night with his usual grandiose statements, I didn’t anticipate the degree of his claims. The night was definitely a shocker and not just because they brought back the group number (aargh). Here’s how it all went down.

The remaining nine contestants perform a Lennon/McCartney medley. With three performances lined up for tonight, I was expecting them to forgo the group medley again. Side note, how much does it suck to be Ringo Starr or George Harrison? Why not call it a Beatles medley and instead of just highlighting the other two. Sure they wrote most of the songs but the other two just didn’t sit there and look pretty.

One by one, the three remaining ladies are instructed by Seacrest to head to the center of the stage. After playing with them for a bit, all three ladies are safe. WOOHOO for Crystal, Siobhan and Katie. Finally a guy is going to go home tonight.



Next up is Jason Derulo to perform his single “In My Head”. Surprisingly Simon was all over the performance and gushed about it to no end. Who knew he was a Derulo fan? Before Ryan gets back to building the bottom three, season seven favorite, David Archuleta, is back to perform his star making performance of “Imagine”. This guy still looks sixteen. What’s his secret?


After chatting with Archie, Ryan finally gets back to building this week’s bottom three. After a painfully slow drawn out process, the remaining six boys are divided into two groups of three. On one side, Lee, Casey and Tim stand, while Michael, Andrew and Aaron on the other. Surprise, surprise… Tim is not even in the bottom three and his group is safe, sending the other three to panic mode.

While I called Andrew and Aaron in the bottom three, Big Mike is a bit of a shocker. Sure he stunk and placed second lowest in my rankings but I thought he had a bigger devoted fan base. I guess he’s more unlikeable than I thought. At this point, I’m hoping Aaron goes but we all know I rarely ever get what I want. Aaron is safe leaving Big Mike and Andrew in the bottom two.

Obviously Michael is leaving at this point since Ryan said it was a shocking elimination. After Rihanna performs “Rockstar 101” in a taped performance, Andrew is safe and Mike is made to sing for his life. Who knew Adam Lambert turned into Rihanna? She looked more like the Idol contestant than her “Pon de Replay” days. I miss my happy Ri-Ri. PS. She did not sound good at all tonight.


Will the judges use their save or not? In a surprising move, the judges DO SAVE Mike. In his usual bravado, Big Mike goes immediately into some 90s gang signs, fist pumps and chest bumping. With no elimination this week, two Idols will be leaving next week. The one good thing about next week’s double elimination is that it increases the probability of Tim going home. YAY. With this scare, Andrew and Big Mike fans will be voting in full droves next week.


Sure my prediction was wrong this week, but since the judges used their save, no one was eliminated. So technically, I wasn’t wrong and I’m not going to include this in my season record. Having said that, I’m at 2-1 for the finals and my season prediction record is 7 correct and 8 incorrect.

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