Sony Confirms Unreleased Michael Jackson Songs Have Been Stolen

After Michael Jackson’s passing, Sony Music paid a staggering $250 million for his previously unreleased material – a pretty steep price tag if you ask me. Back in 2010 a rumor broke that Jackson’s posthumous music collection had been stolen in a hacking scandal involving the Sony Playstation Network. Finally, Sony is admitting that their website was hacked but will not release how many songs were stolen.

Some songs that could be lost in the shuffle are recordings with former Queen frontman Freddie Mercury which were recorded back in the early 80’s along with recordings with Those are some priceless gems if you ask me considering the remaining Queen members were looking to complete the tracks with approval from the Jackson estate. So what’s the next step in recovering the music?

Last May, two men in the UK were arrested following the hacking scandal. James Marks, 26, and James McCormick, 25, will stand trial for the online thievery next January however according to the BBC, the two have appeared in court and denied any internet misuse or copyright infringement. It looks like we may never know how many were taken or where they are now. Do you think Michael Jackson’s previously unreleased material was worthy of theft? Share your thoughts with us below.