I really admire this guy. Michael Chase DiMartino is a 25 year old Italian-French guy who was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He’s a sign language interpreter full time, and has interpreted theatre on some big stages (he was even in a play that was reviewed by ther NY Times to which he received a rave review). Very cool.

So, how did I come to find him, or how do you recognize him? His YouTube videos slash sign language music video remakes have been getting a lot of attention, especially after Britney had posted his version of Womanizer in sign language to her official site a while back! So, we have sign language interpreter, performer, entrepreneur…what else? He sings! A few years ago he sang in Carnegie Hall and totally separate from that, he actually just released a sexy single on iTunes under his stage name (Chase) called Nasty Habit.

After we started Homorazzi.com less than a year ago, I have come to be very grateful for having such a forum for expressing myself, and for being able to provide the opportunity for others to do the same. I value the ability to express myself on a daily basis on such a large scale, and I love that DiMartino’s embracing his gifts and doing the same – in so many ways! Expressing himself with his body, and encouraging others to do so with his fun and creative YouTube Videos, and also expressing himself with his voice. Who’s to say you can only express yourself in one way. Do it all! Like I said it’s called “Nasty Habit” and you can get it here on iTunes for super cheap. Let’s support this voice to those who can’t hear! I have the song and it’s totally catchy…very Backstreet N’Sync pop genre – except gay (well…pretending that Lance Bass was still straight). The music video is being shot in a public shower type setting…dirty 😉 Can’t wait to see it!


Last but not least, I’ve gotta say that he’s a good looking guy with a hot body, so it certainly not a chore to watch him do his thing. Check out his latest video remake of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, and the one for Womanizer that Britney had posted to her site…

Bad Romance – Lady Gaga – SL

Womanizer – Britney Spears – SL

Send us Nasty Habit when it’s ready, Michael!