Miami Zombie Attack Prank Goes Viral

I haven’t seen a prank go viral like this in quite some time. As you probably already know, not too long ago in Florida, a naked man was found chewing another man’s face off and proceeded to keep doing so and growled at the police that were there. This was the unfortunate result of someone high on a dangerous drug called “bath salts” that some also referred to as the “zombie drug” for obvious reasons. Needless to say, it’s a very frightening thought.

Well, someone decided he’d take advantage of this “real life zombie” type story and prank random people by pretending to be one himself. His friend recorded him as he’d stagger up to people, all bloody, and start growling at them. They of course would bolt it as soon as possible. Seems like a pretty simple prank, but you just can’t help but laugh at the growling noises and the honest, frightened reactions these people have. My favorite was one guy who climbs up a fence. The scary thing is that the prankster gets a gun pulled on him at the 2:00 minute mark, so he very much does not recommend doing this prank. It’s a fair point… if you thought a real zombie was after you and you had a gun handy… You never know.

Watch the video below. It’s already at almost 11 million views and it has only been up a few weeks.

  • marcosukul

    hhahhahahhhhahaa….!!! the end of the video…crazy…