Generic and/or Homogenized


Cool new music. Dissecting beats. Conversations about artwork. People observing.

This is my Monday night with my best friend Zack. “Strawberry Zachary”, as he was nicknamed the moment we met Aug 6th 2002. He was training me at a new job; I thought he was interesting- and Fat- oh, and it just so happens that he is COMPLETELY straight.

Today, we remain super tight, and get together as often as our schedules permit (every two weeks or so). Texting keeps us connected every other day.

As we bopped our heads to Zack’s new music that he’s been producing (he left radio in 2006 and jumped on the actual music bandwagon), we chuckled at being generic.

Jonny: Homo yes, HOMOGENIZED no!

I love when I meet people with their own personal style. They could be waiting for the barista to finish making their latte, wearing crazy colours or dope sneakers. I love seeing self-assurance. Positivity. Something that just makes them different. Eclectic, really.

I would be super sad to learn that I was considered generic: I thrive off being weird and different…

Would you prefer to be “in”, with a generic twist? Different and dope? Sexy and common? Brooding and interesting? Let me know where you stand.

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