Metric Fantasies


Most people south of Parallel 45 don’t realize how much fantastic music comes from Canada. There are a few artists who have hit the bigtime and brought fame to Land of the Chill (enter Celine Dion, Jan Arden, Barenaked Ladies…) but there are several lesser-known artists that truly deserve to be recognized.  Metric is one of them (even though only 2 of the 4 are Canadian, they are currently based out of Toronto).

Metric is led by singer/songwriter Emily Haines, who also has a solo-venture album The Soft Skeleton. Other members are co-founder and guitarist Jimmy Shaw, bassist Joshua Winstead and drummer Joules Scott-Key – and while they have toured all over the world, they aren’t nearly as well known as they should be.  The band is set to release their much-anticipated fourth album, Fantasies, on April 14, 2009 – and it ROCKS.  You can check out the album in advance at – and even better, you can pre-order it for download on 3/31 with an additional 3 tracks!

Metric’s previous albums include Old World Underground, Where are you now?,  Live It Out, and Grow Up and Blow Away – all of which are great in their own right.

Underground rocks upbeat tracks that make you want to party, like Dead Disco, Succexy, Combat Baby and Wet Blanket – though I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the song Hustle Rose as well, which is a little slower paced.  Live It Out rocks a much more frenzied approach with tracks like Poster of a Girl, Patriarch on a Vespa and Monster Hospital and Grow Up works the mellow rock with Soft Rock Star, On the Sly, and Raw Sugar – a great low-key album.

Their upcoming release, Fantasies doesn’t disappoint in any way. The songs are so clearly their own that you can practically see Emily rockin’ the jumper-shorts and pumps, hips swiveling and jumping around the stage (for those of you who have seen Metric live – you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about).

In the two times that I’ve listened to the album so far, I’ve yet to decide on my favorites – which is awesome. If I can pick out my faves after just one or two listens, that means that some of the tracks are inferior to others… not so with Fantasies. If you like Electro-Rock, this album’s for you!

Even better… according to a post on their website, Metric is gearing up for a summer of touring and has already announced that they will be playing at Edgefest in Toronto this summer on June 20th, featuring other bands such as Billy Talent and Alexisonfire. If you get the chance to see these guys in concert – DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!!

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  • Jason

    I can’t get the lyrics, “I tremble (tremble, tremble, tremble…)” with the deep synth in the background out of my head all week. Definitely a good album, and I can’t wait to see it performed live. I’ve seen Metric 4 times (2 in Victoria, 2 in Vancouver) and they have never disappointed. Emily is like a crazed Muppet when she hits the stage and I love that about her!

    (Another 1/2 Toronto, 1/2 UK band I adore is Dragonette. Even better live!)

  • I think I wore my CD player out when I got Old World Underground.