Meryl Streep & Tina Fey Team Up

It’s not the Lady Gaga and Meryl Streep collaboration people were hoping for, but it’ll do. That’s all (in Miranda Priestly voice). Academy-winning star, Meryl Streep, and 30 Rock funny lady, Tina Fey, will play a mother-daughter duo in an upcoming comedy, Mommy & Me. The film will be directed by Stanley Tucci.

This marks the third time in recent years that Tucci and Streep will be working together. The two starred in The Devil Wears Prada and Julia & Julia. Not much is known about the plotline of Mommy & Me, but it will spotlight the thorny and funny sides of mother-daughter relationships. Ouch. Is Meryl old enough to play Tina’s mom?

I’d watch anything with Streep, but throw in Tina Fey to the mix, someone better save me a seat on opening day. While Streep has been a movie star for years, Fey is slowly building her film resume during 30 Rock’s summer hiatuses. Her most recent outing, Date Night with Steve Carell grossed nearly $100 million domestically. If Mommy & Me is remotely entertaining, it could easily surpass that total and become Fey’s biggest box office hit.

What do you think of this pairing? Match made in heaven or the second coming of Death Becomes Her (Streep & Goldie Hawn)?

  • The plot sounds cliche, but I think the two together will be a riot! Two of my favorite actresses 🙂