Meredith Baxter is a “Lesbian Mom”


The woman we know best as the mom (Elyse Keaton) from Family Ties told People magazine that she is a “lesbian mom.” Baxter, 62, has been dating women for the past seven years and has been in her current relationship with a building contractor named Nancy Locke for the past four years. Prior to this she has had three failed marriages with men, but has five kids to be thankful for. Meredith was most famously married to 70 year old David Birney, an award winning actor/director.

Prior to 7 years ago, the thought of dating women or being gay had apparently never crossed her mind. I’m always confused by this, and it seems to be the case in women. I for one knew at a young age, and although tried to ignore, the thought of being gay was certainly there. Either way, her children are very supportive that she’s figured it out, and we are too! Twenty five year old Peter, one of her children (a twin to his sister Mollie – children she had with David Birney), says that when he found out, “I just couldn’t stop smiling because she finally figured it out.”

Meredith was on the Today Show this morning Matt Lauer where the “quintessential TV mom” came out to the world. She talks about what it was like to talk to her kids about it, one of which said he knew. She also said, “The support from my family and anyone close to me has been so immediate and unqualified. I’ve really been blessed.” She also talks about the threats from a tabloid blog about outing her also influenced her to come out.

Meredith and her partner own and run a Florida-based skincare company called Meredith Baxter’s Simple Works, where a portion of the proceeds of sales goes to Breast Cancer Research.

There will be more about her story and coming out in this week’s issue of People magazine. Congratulations, Meredith!! xoxo

Check out Meredith’s interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show: