Last night, I came across Kindergarten Cop on TV and decided to let it play in the background. I remembered a lot of the lines and characters, even making the connection that the twin girls with the side-pony that say “Our mom says our dad’s a real sex machine’ is the girl from Napolean Dynamite. Then I wondered about the shortest and funniest of the bunch… Joseph who states, “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina” and “my dad’s a gynaecologist and he looks at vaginas all day long. His name is Miko Hughes.

Before Kindergarten Cop, his first big role was actually in Pet Cemetary. He had several other noteable roles after that, but one big one was where he played Simon Lynch, an autistic boy in Mercury Rising starring alongside Bruce Willis.

After a bit of research, I’ve learned that Hughes is still an actor today. I was most curious about what he looked like, now at the age of 26-years old. Check out some recent photos below.

Cute as a kid and grown up to be handsome as an adult.

Still working on set today.

Hughes in Pet Cemetery (left) and Mercury Rising (right).

Hughes lives in Apple Valley, California when working but considers his permanent address to be Oklahoma. You can keep up with his latest projects by following him on Twitter: @MikoHughes