Meet The Men’s Health 2012 Cover Competition Finalists

A Men’s Health cover man must meet a few pieces of criteria. He’s gotta be active, successful, and of course, an intelligent man. But most importantly, he’s gotta be fit and have a sexy body to match to show how his washboard abs and pulsing biceps for when the shirt comes off to nail that pivotal cover shot.

After sifting through hundreds and thousands of applicants, the people over at Men’s Health have narrowed down the selection to the final five contestants who will compete for the coveted spot. The winner will be announced at a special dinner hosted by Men’s Health in London where the winning cover will be revealed. The competition winner will be featured on the October issue of Men’s Health.

Men’s Health Editor Toby Wiseman said: “Yet again we’ve been overwhelmed by both the number and the quality of the entries we’ve received for the Cover Model 2012 competition. Now we’re looking forward to unveiling the ultimate winner who will embody the Men’s Health attitude by being dedicated to the perfection of not just a physique, but a lifestyle.” Meet the five sexy finalists below.

Mitchell Tovee

Career: Health Coach/Personal Trainer
Location: Watford
Bio: Mitchell is a fighter. He has battled a lymphatic disorder that directly affects his immune system, making him susceptible to all types of common illnesses. He has overcome three operations to remove oversized lymph nodes and does his absolute best to ignore impingements he has. His current training regime consists of a series of metabolic circuits to hit his fat mass which he mixes up with 10k once a week, a mile swimming and 40mile cycle route – all in preparation for ‘Tough Mudder’ in July.

My Thoughts: Wow! What a story and what a way to overcome adversity and come out on top. I would let Mitchell personally train me any day!

Ben Mudge

Career: Personal Trainer
Location: Belfast
Bio: For Ben, fitness was a matter of life or death. He was born with cystic fibrosis and in 2009 the unimaginable happened. His lung functions plummeted to 65% (normally 100%) due to an unknown bug, he was admitted to hospital for 3 weeks with an IV drip. ‘This was completely foreign to me and for the first time in my life I realised how life threatening my illness could be,’ he said. Nothing could help him, and he was desperate to get back on the treadmill but doctors were reluctant. Eventually they allowed him to exercise and his lung functions improved by a staggering 72% within a few days, doctors were amazed. His lungs will never be back to normal but after three years of hard exercise, they are currently at 98%. Exercise saved Ben’s life.

My Thoughts: Again, an amazing story of fighting the odds and coming out on top! I can’t help but go ga-ga for Ben’s gun show. He can train me too!

Charles Powell

Career: Army Officer
Location: Berkshire
Bio: Charles will appeal to all the women who like their men in a uniform. He has trained at the prestigious Sandhurst, where he built his toned physique and prides himself on his ability to strap 100lbs of kit to his back and fight in any environment in the world. ‘If that does not embody fitness I don’t know what does,’ he says. His level of fitness has helped him to complete two physically demanding tours of Afghanistan and he has pushed himseld to his physical limits. He said: ‘It’s extremely important for my job to be fit, as a Captain in the Infantry, I am expected to lead my men from the front in extremely arduous and dangerous conditions. Being fit in my job can quite literally save lives.’

My Thoughts: A man in uniform? Yes please! I’m sure he’d make any man have their private standing at full attention if you catch my drift.

Mark Mills

Career: Lecturer
Location: Mexborough
Bio: Mark will touch the hearts of the sensitive women out there. As a 16st 6lb young adult, Mark started training hard and came to find himself heavily involved in sport. However, his passion abruptly came to an end in his early twenties due to injury and life circumstances. But that didn’t stop Mark and after discovering Men’s Health he rediscovered his fervor for fitness and nutrition and there was no looking back.

My Thoughts: Mark’s chest! Woof! I can’t get enough. I love me some chocolate and Mark is definitely cocoa I could sink my teeth in to.

Richard Edwards

Career: Engineer
Location: Stourbridge
Bio: Richard posesses both beauty and brains. Not only is he a fitness guru, he also helps build nuclear submarines for a living. Over the years he has discovered a passion for new fitness goals and thrives from entering fitness competitions, always aiming to improve himself. He maintains that with age, he has revealed a whole new man thanks to fitness. ‘I’m now 10 years older than when I first started training, and in the best shape of my life,’ he said.

My Thoughts: Brains and beauty? Where do I sign up? Richard also makes nuclear missles which means he’s probably good with hands to make my bomb go off.

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  • =D

    its that scruff on Mitchell that takes the cake for sure!

  • koko

    oh my… it’s a men overload!

    i would want some Mitchell for me…

    but i wouldn’t be choosy in case i can have some anyone of them! haha

  • Steve-O

    Mmm nothing like 100% Brithish Beef!

  • David W.

    Men’s Health should put BEN MUDGE on it cover! He epitomises working towards great health to save his life from a horrific disease that through sheer will , exercise, diet and attitude propelled himself to be what he is today! He should be honored because he sure as hell is an inspiration to me and a lot of other people I know that know his story. BRAVO to him! Hey Men’s Health put the right model on your pages. This guy is an inspiration! And pretty darn HOT to!