So… How Hot Are Your Nuts Again?


Let me just say this, I am a total knowledge freak. I wanna know shit, and I’ll ask just about anyone. In fact, a few years ago, one of my ex-boyfriends said that a key attribute of mine that constantly drove him nuts was that I had “so many questions.” I still say the break up was mainly his fault because he was a backwards tool and overall schmuck (circa 2007).

But I digress…

While randomly flipping through some newspapers/magazines/online dailies for my weekday radio show, I came across some very useful knowledge. Or at the very least, a convo-starter when you’re hammered and have nothing to say to the guy that you’re interested in but who’s unfortunately boring, but “hotandnowwhatamIgoingtosay…”

It’s all about men:

* The average man gets FIVE boners each night. (Lucky us!)

* The temperature of the average man’s gonads (hee hee hee… GONADS) is 94.6 degrees, which is four degrees cooler than the rest of his body. (Why? Because spermatozoa needs a slightly cooler temperature to thrive. This is why a man’s nuts dangle outside his body. Fact.)

* The average man produces 72 MILLION swimmers. Every day. (Patrick, however churns 72 BILLION. Possible fact.) [Editor’s Note: Definite fact!]

Wanna see more? Check-check-check-checkkitout HERE!

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