Melanie Amaro Hopes Her Debut Original Single Won’t “Fail Her Now”

“I’ve walked the longest road so don’t fail me now, feet don’t fail me now.
I’ve never got this close so don’t fail me now, feet dont fail me now.”

These are the lyrics that X-Factor winner Melanie Amaro sing out in the hook of her debut original single. Finally, the girl is given a chance to shine on a song of her own that isn’t an Aretha cover. I remember catching Melanie at White Party this year and being so disappointed that she didn’t get to sing a song of her own. So, will her original track debut live up to the dancefloor diva-ness of “Respect“?

Titled “Don’t Fail Me Now,” Melanie’s signature voice is showcased perfectly against the bouncy synths and drum beat of this club anthem. Produced by hit maker Darkchild and penned by Livvi Franc, Melanie is given a pretty decent shot at making a mark on the pop music scene. However, the fact that she won this massive talent competition hasn’t seemed to help her in the slightest. Many people don’t even know who she is. Hopefully with the right team behind, she’ll able to breakout of the reality competition mould and really impress us. Give a listen to her single below and tell us- strong enough to stand out or will she just blend in to the rest.