Melanie Amaro Takes A Walk In Her ‘Don’t Fail Me Now’ Music Video

X Factor winner Melanie Amaro has seemed to have a tough go at the music industry. Regardless of winning that multi-million dollar contract, we’ve barely heard a peep from the vocalist. She starred in a Pepsi commercial alongside Elton John for the Super Bowl which featured her debut single, Respect which failed to chart. Now, she’s taking a stab at her first original solo single with Don’t Fail Me Now.

The dance/pop track features great, but generic vocals from Amaro. The music video was directed by Benny Boom who’s shot clips for a ton of successful R&B and hip hop artists. “When I first heard the song, I knew I wanted the video to have movement to it and be a journey,” Benny said. “I thought of a clever way of taking her on this journey by using a rear-screen projector. She’s no longer the ‘X Factor’ contestant, she is the winner, and I wanted to make sure that we made a video that showed that.”

Unfortunately, Melanie Amaro is becoming an example of the fact that money can’t buy you everything – including a music career. While the video has a lot going on visually, it truly fails to impress and really doesn’t help this chanteuse stand out from other ladies out there who are killing the game. Watch the debut clip below and tell us what you think? Does Melanie Amaro have staying power or is she going to wash away like the Ruben Studdards’, Taylor Hicks’ and other talent show winners?

Melanie Amaro, “Don’t Fail Me Now”

  • The problem is that all artists just go for what might get stuck in our heads. People don’t want that anymore, you need to have something truly from where you stand in order to have the best go. This is anything but from what I believe this girl’s viewpoint is.