Meital Dohan Gets Dirty With “Yummy Boyz” In Debut Music Video

Sometimes, an artist releases a music video that makes you go… “Huh?!” This music video I am about to share with you is definitely one of them. Some of you may recognize Meital Dohan from her stint on the hit show Weeds. You may also remember her playing alongside Rashida Jones in Monogamy. An already established novel writer and playwright, this sexy Israeli native is taking a stab at the music industry an she’s entering with a bang.

In her debut single and video Yummy Boyz, Meital gets down and dirty with a slew of men who from a varying walks of life… I’m talking famous political figures and popular holiday mascots. One of my favorite moments in the video is when Meital and her dancers do an entire sequence with arms from male mannequins.

The video is down right on the cusp turning into a full out celebrity look-a-like orgy. Even President Obama shows up for the ride… sort of. Regardless, the video needs little description and more of a look see for yourself. Trust me. I can’t hear what all you Homorazzi readers have to say about this one.

  • Rob

    But… if all the cocaine in the world was used to make this video, what are we going to do this weekend?