Meghan Trainor Debuts ‘Interesting’ New Look In Teen Vogue


Reinvention is key for any artist hoping for career longevity. But it’s a tricky minefield to navigate. If they go too far, they run the risk of alienating their devoted fan base. The great ones do it effortlessly.

Meghan Trainor has that wholesome vintage Stepford wife doo wop thing down pat. It’s cute, but I’m starting to tire of it. Maybe the 21-year-old singer is as well. That would explain her ‘interesting’ new look in the latest issue of Teen Vogue.

She wears massive crimped pigtails with some 80s Aqua Net-looking bangs. Think intergalactic Baby Spice gone through a wind machine. The outfit is equally as puzzling. Check out the photo snapped by Giampaolo Sgura below and weigh in afterward.


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