When I was a kid, I loved watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – both in cartoon, and the live action movie… “Ninja, ninja rap.. go, go, go, go!” For some time now, there’s been talk of Michael Bay’s plans to make a live action film of the Ninja Turtles. Now some casting news has been revealed that I’m not sure how I feel about.

As you know, April O’Neil is a character in the series that was a former lab assistant to the mad scientist Baxter Stockman and later a reporter that is a close companion and friend of the turtles. The actress cast as the yellow jumpsuit wearing reporter has been revealed and I’m somewhat puzzled by the choice.

According to Variety, some of the actresses that were being considered included Jane Levy, Anna Kendrick and Elizabeth Olsen. Any of those would have been a better choice than who ended up getting the part.

The actress playing April O’Neil in Ninja Turtles has been revealed to be Megan Fox. Having watch the series a lot when I was a kid, I really don’t see why she was a good choice. The other contenders were way more in line with the character than Fox is.

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