Megan Fox’s Weird (And Sorta Funny) New Brazilian Commercial

Poor Megan Fox. Is this what the poor girl has to do to make a living these days? After the one-two punch of being fired from the “Transformers” movie and box office disaster of “Jennifer’s Body“, Fox’s career has definitely slowed. Perhaps her new Brazilian commercial is exactly what she needs to reignite her career. NOT.

In an effort to encourage young Brazilian men to learn English, the 25-year-old actress was enlisted to flaunt her sex appeal for a new campaign. The commercial’s random concept seems odd given the intended outcome, but it sorta works. The clip seems more in line to what you’d see in a Funny or Die spoof, than a commercial promoting learning a second language. That said, I’m glad Megan doesn’t take herself too seriously to star in this cheesy video. Gotta love those foreign commercials. There’s always something that gets lost in translation which makes it even more hilarious.

In the commercial, two teenage boys wash ashore on a deserted island. As luck would have it, the island is inhabited by several Megan Fox clones. Talk about a teenage boy’s wet dream come true. Visions of Megan Fox sexily pouring water into the mouth of another Megan Fox is enough to make a horned-up teen “explode“. Unfortunately for the boys, when one of the Fox clones asks them a question, they can’t respond because they don’t speak English. In an instant, the boys are captured and banished to another island. You’ll never guess who lives there. Find out below.

How funny was that ending? Did you see it coming? Whether or not, more Brazilian men enroll in English classes due to this commercial, it remains to be seen. For me, I liked it and appreciated the good chuckle. I’m positive I’m not the only one smiling. I’m sure both Fox and Mike Tyson are laughing all the way to the bank with their lucrative pay days.

If you were stranded on an island, who would you want the island inhabited by? Personally, I’d like a smorgasbord of Paul Walker, Chris Evans and Brazilian male model Marlon Teixeira clones running all over the place. YUM.

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