Can you believe the woman who famously faked an orgasm at a diner over 20 years ago just entered her golden years. Meg Ryan who at one time was the queen of romantic comedies celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday. Prior to her breakout role in “When Harry Met Sally“, the actress started her career in daytime on “As The World Turns“. She transitioned to feature films and had memorable roles in “Top Gun”, “The Presidio” and “D.O.A”. She met her future ex-husband, Dennis Quaid, in the latter film.

Over the years, Ryan appeared in several memorable rom-coms including “Sleepless In Seattle“, “You’ve Got Mail”, “Kate and Leopold” and “French Kiss”. Unfortunately for her, she also had her share of box office bombs. Remember “Against The Ropes” and “The Women” anyone? Didn’t think so. Meg can next be seen in the ensemble “New Year’s Eve“- the pseudo sequel to “Valentine’s Day”. In 2012, she’s set to appear in “Lives of the Saints” with 50 Cent, John Lithgow and Kat Dennings.

While she won the hearts of America and her on-screen suitors, Ryan’s personal life was anything but happily ever after. Ryan ended her 10-year marriage to Quaid when she reportedly shacked up with her “Proof of Life” co-star Russell Crowe. In the past few years, Ryan’s personal life has turned around. She adopted a 14-month-old girl from China named Daisy True in 2006. It also looks like she’s found love again too. Meg became romantically linked to John Mellancamp in late 2010. Happy Birthday Meg. Hope it’s a great decade for you.

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