Introducing… Rich


In honour of Rich’s 30th Birthday Party this weekend, he will be the next Homorazzi cast member we’re going to feature. Most of us met Rich while he was still living on the island- no not Manhattan island, THE Vancouver Island! He would often come up every other week and party with the boys from Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto, PV… You name it: Rich did it (try switching “it” for “him” there and the joke still makes sense… kidding Rich!) When we all first heard he was moving to Vancouver, we got worried that we’d go through Rich Overload. Luckily for us- and for him- we did not. Rich brings to the panel his expertise in Politics, Top Model and all things He-Man and Shera- along with his infamous Wonder Woman twirl. Hope you enjoyed the mini-roast. Happy Birthday Rich!

What is your Horoscope Sign?

What is your Dream Job?
Ian Wright, host of Lonely Planet.

What is one of your Pet Peeves?
Slow walkers.

What is your Guilty Pleasure when it comes to Fast Food or Junk Food?
Quarter Pounder meal with Coke and a six pack of Chicken McNuggets. For shame!

What is your Favorite Quote?
Anya from Buffy The Vampire Slayer: “It’s ludicrous to have these interlocking bodies and not… interlock.”

What is your favorite Childhood Memory?
Christmas 1986. My brothers got skateboards and I got my very first Cabbage Patch doll. I made my mom write back to the people and demand a new birth certificate. Even I didn’t want a doll named “Amelia Ambrose”. OMG. Thankfully they sent back “Stephen Alexander”. [Editor’s Note: that is the absolute most flamboyantly gay thing I’ve ever heard… I can’t believe we haven’t heard that story before!]

If you could be someone else in the Homorazzi cast, who would you be and why?
Patrick. “BL”… ’nuff said.

What is one of your Bad Habits?
I interrupt people… but only when they’re boring… or my story is better 😉

What’s your fave drink/cocktail?
Rye and Ginger. Duh.

What are three personality traits you would use to describe yourself?
Outgoing, Athletic, and Inquisitive… ahem… Nosy.

What are three personality traits people would use to describe you?
A hot fling once called me: “Sexy, Smart and Fun.” I’ll take it!

What are some of your nicknames?
Dink. Dick. Bitchard.

What cartoon character would you be and why?
Teela. That girl was fierce. Did she ever get it on with He-Man?

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  • Dan

    Happy Birthday kitten!

  • No lie! There is even a photo of my brothers with their skateboards and little Richie with the cabbage patch doll. Even better… he was dressed in a what was probably suppoesed to be a football uniform, but it just screamed male cheerleader.

  • Jason C-K

    Happy Birthday, Rich – I actually found a place where people discuss the Teela-He Man dynamic. In DETAIL.


  • Jender

    SANDWICH!!!! Don’t ever forget your roots in Victoria missy!Those Vancourites are lucky to have you. It just hasnt been the same without you here in Vic. Happy 30th Sweetie and well catch up soon!

  • Mark

    We have to see that picture Rich…please, priceless!