Introducing… Nic


The wait is finally over. Today we unveil our newest cast member, Nic. For our loyal readers, you might recognize his name since Nic has been a frequent and consistent contributor for our user generated program called Saturday Submissions, formerly known as Sunday Submissions. His articles have elicited conversation and debate while at the same time generating some huge numbers- we’re all about the traffic. Haha. Get to know our latest addition to the cast and hope you show him the love you’ve shown us. I guarantee he’ll bring a different perspective than some of the cast members while also providing a wide array of new topics to discuss. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present Nic O.

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What is your Horoscope Sign?
Cancer, *bursts into tears*

What is your Dream Job?
Do you know how many times I change my mind? This year I’m drawn towards living at a winery in California, picking grapes and making wine in the hot sun. Either that, or a Dinosaur.

What is one of your Pet Peeves?
Indecision. Ignore the last question.

What is your Guilty Pleasure when it comes to Fast Food or Junk Food?
Cheese is my junk food.

What is your Favorite Quote?
“It’s not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on.” – Marilyn Monroe

What is your Favorite Childhood Memory?
Taking a houseboat every year up to the Princess Louisa Inlet with family and friends. I’ve been a lot of beautiful places in the world, but that is by far the MOST breathtaking scenery I’ve ever seen.

If you could be someone else in the Homorazzi cast, who would you be and why?
I’d have to say Kevin. I’d really like to know what the hell it feels like to be THAT NICE, cause god knows it’ll never be me!

What is one of your Bad Habits?
Oh interrupting for sure. Call me out on it! Let’s break this together!

What’s your fave drink/cocktail?
Wine wine wine.

What are three personality traits you would use to describe yourself?
Outgoing. Protective. Indulgent.

What are three personality traits people would use to describe you?

Uh-oh. Happy….Opinionated?…..Uhm. I’m gonna also go with Protective. Or maybe bossy. Why do I have friends?

What are some of your nicknames?

Teddy, Reverand (that’s right, I’m registered), Nibbs, Dinosaur.

What cartoon character would you be and why?
You know, I’m always in control, but it might be a nice break to be as aloof as Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove. That guy was so content just having Izma take care of him. And he was a damn good cook! Spinach puff anyone?

  • bruin

    question! are you from vancouver/canadian? or californian?

  • Braden

    YAY! We like nic.

  • Did we vote on this? I don’t think so! Somebody call Michael Moore… i need to rant about my democratic rights being stomped on.

    Kidding! Obviously. Welcome Nic!

  • Nic O.

    Thx men!
    I am canadian Bruin, from Roberts Creek born and bred and in the city for 8 years. 🙂

  • Faye

    He’s dreamy…

  • Rich/not kidding?
    Anyone remember Sutter hiring Sutter for the Flames’ Head coach?
    …that’s right- a sports reference… a CANADIAN sports reference… … yes , i obviously googled it 😛

  • Robyn

    Andy Samberg!! Best celeb look alike ever.

  • Blake

    Definitely way cuter than Andy Samberg …

  • Nic – you belong back in Brisbane with us Aussies!!! We miss you! 😉 xxxx

  • Nic

    Robyn: HAHA I just can’t run from it. I actually had a lady at my work the other day tell me that she thought i was an actor because she recognized me until she realized i just looked like “that dick in a box guy”. Lord.
    Blake: *blush*
    Michael: DECEMBER!!!!

  • bruin

    married?! where are the wedding pictures

  • Robyn

    Or the “I’m on a Boat” guy or “Mark Walberg Talks to the Animals” guy… so funny.

    I kid because I love.