The second Homorazzi cast member we’re going to highlight is also known as The Beefiest One. Dave was supposed to be part of the original launch but due to timing it wasn’t feasible so we’re highlighting him second so he gets his time in the spotlight. If you’ve read his first post, you can already tell Dave and his partner Paul have an affinity for the finer things in life.

What is your Horoscope Sign?

What is your Dream Job?
Someone tell me because I would love to know. I guess the job would include lots of traveling around the world, eating great food and being involved with art and fashion. Maybe my dream job would be a personal shopper for the rich and famous. So why did I pursue an education in Science? Who knows!

What is one of your Pet Peeves?
People who lack manners and etiquette. I cannot stand being witness to people who lack what I feel should be common sense.

What is your Guilty Pleasure when it comes to Fast Food or Junk Food?
I love Buffalo wings. Too bad you can’t find any good wings in Vancouver.

What is your Favorite Quote?
Sorry, I can never pick favorites of anything. Plus I don’t know if I can put a quote here that really says something about me.

What is your favorite Childhood Memory?
Again with the favorites- so hard. One would be counting the iguanas in the trees around my aunt and uncle’s house from their porch overlooking Charlotte Amalie harbor. Another would be driving through a sunflower field in the south of France with my family.

If you could be someone else in the Homorazzi cast, who would you be and why?
I am going to go with Jamie because I like his accent.

What is one of your Bad Habits?
I’m bossy in the kitchen and I’m always right.

What’s your fave drink/cocktail?
I am a fan of all beer, wine and spirits. Depends on the occasion (sometimes all three!).

What are three personality traits you would use to describe yourself?
Polite, laid-back and opinionated.

What are three personality traits people would use to describe you?
Thoughtful, indecisive and social.

What are some of your nicknames?
Duck, Dafe, something referring to my arms.

What cartoon character would you be and why?
Popeye (the why doesn’t have anything to do with spinach, I can explain that much!).


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    The wings in Guildford station pub are to DIE for. Also, Cactus Club is not bad, but it’s probably because my friend who works in there sneaks me extra sauce, lol.