The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day: Mean Gurlz by Todrick Hall

I can’t with this. What I am about to post could very well one of the best YouTube clips that has ever been created.

We all know Mean Girls starring out favorite mess Lindsay (when she had a career), Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert & Karen, well someone has decided to do an updated Compton version and the result is pretty much youtube gold. In this version Cady Heron is from Korea when she transfers to a Compton high school. There she meets Janice and “Gaymian” played by Glee‘s Alex Newell, sees all the different cliques including the Black Barbies. All your favourite lines are in there but updated “You can’t twerk with us” “There is this one boy in my Ebonics class” and so one. I’m on my 5th time watching this in about an hour. The Halloween scene made me fall out of my chair.

Seriously you all need to take 5 minutes out of your day and watch this masterpiece. #splitsontress

  • THIS VIDEO IS EVERYTHING. My favorite parts are:

    My name is Emily.. M.L.E
    Bootleg Precious
    BurnT Book
    Three way call with Brandy & Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine” playing in the background.
    Rated R for Ratchet
    KKK Halloween costume
    BET psychic ability to tell there’s a Moesha rerun.

    I could go on. There’s so much brilliance in this.

  • Jason

    I love the asain pitch perfect girl is in there. Wow 🙂

  • Bee

    at 3:55, nuff said! 🙂

  • VanCity

    I’m Gon Twerk It!!!!

  • stranded

    The Latino guy twerking it! OMG SO HOT!