Oh no. This is very hard for me to admit but I may have recently come across a project/expose about McDonald’s and it has drastically shaped the way I think about their food. Yes, I saw Super Size Me and to be frank it simply made me hungry and crave fast food (I jest as I actually haven’t seen the movie).

On April 10, 2010 New Yorker Sally Davies bought a hamburger Happy Meal from McDonalds and placed it on her living room coffee table uncovered for six months. After 180 days (yes 180!) there were no visible signs of change, mold, odor, worms or decomposition. NONE! I have literally eaten food that looks worse when fresh than what this meal looks like after six months. Ugh.

Her six month trial wrapped up this past weekend and she compiled a video of time lapse photographs with date stamps tracking the progress. To fellow McDonald’s lover and cast member, Tommy, I am truly sorry. It scares me to think of what a chicken nugget would look like in a similar test scenario…

I think of all the times I’ve eaten at McDonalds in my 27 years on the planet and the amount of non-food that has passed through me. Yikes! And I don’t even have kids yet – I can’t imagine what havoc this will have on their little bodies!

The following video is definitely shocking and I am still picking my jaw up off the floor. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll likely head to my neighborhood McDonald’s this weekend to try this out of myself.